In-Office Insurance Program

For those of you who do not have dental insurance, we offer an "In-Office Insurance Program" for adults and children. It is a great program that will benefit you, your family, and your pocket book.

Many patients have already taken advantage of this program and are very pleased. The benefits that you receive with this program include $267 in savings for adults and $174 in savings for children for two exams, two cleanings, cavity detecting x-rays, and two fluoride treatments for the year. Along with this you will receive 15% off (when you pay day of service) any needed dental treatment. These benefits will expire a year from the date purchased. Please feel free to call our office at 715-294-2202, or ask any staff member for more information on our new insurance program.

Hauge Dental Care Benefit Program

Benefits Requirements

  • Not enrolled in any other dental insurance benefit program
  • Maintain a healthy mouth and routine dental visits
  • Adult Annual Program Fee is $435.00 (ages 16 and over)
  • Child Annual Program Fee is $355.00 (ages 15 and under)

Program Benefits-Covered At 100%

  • Two exams per year
  • Two professional routine cleanings per year
  • Two fluoride treatments per year
  • Set of routine cavity detecting radiographs and two anterior periapical films per year
  • No paperwork, Great Savings
  • Total savings for adults = $267.00
  • Total savings for children = $174.00

Program Benefits – 15% Off Procedures

The program also includes 15% off on any needed dental restorations and procedures to include:

  • Tooth color fillings
  • Full mouth X-rays
  • Crown and bridge procedures
  • Implants
  • Periodontal procedures
  • Oral surgery and extractions
  • Whitening procedures
  • Root canal therapy
  • Dentures

In order to receive 15% off, the procedure must be paid in full day of service.